John W. Davis Sr.

John W. Davis Sr. or Jack as he is known joined the fire company in October 1963.  He celebrated 50 years in the fire service in 2013. During those years Jack has always been very active serving in several offices and committees. Jack has held the offices of Secretary, Director of Finance, Director of Building & Grounds and is a former President  of the fire company’s Holding Company which manages the several properties that the fire company owns.

During his years of service Jack has received several awards including; Clayton Fire Company Member of the Month, Clayton fire Company Fireman of the Year, and the Kent County Fire Police of the Year. Jack lists his most memorable event during his fire service career of being awarded Fireman of the Year from the Fire Company and Fire Policeman of the Year from the Kent County Fire Police Association.

When he is not busy at the firehouse Jack lists his hobbies as; hunting, he is an excellent carpenter and enjoys his Haflinger Horses. He is also a member of the Mid Atlantic Haflinger Association, National Haflinger Registry, and the NRA.

Not only is Jack active in the fire company but also are several members of his family; his wife Georgia is a Past President of the Ladies Auxiliary. His oldest son John W. “Wes” Davis Jr. is an active member and a Past Chief of the Company. Two of Jacks 3 grandchildren are also active in the fire company; Sarah is an active firefighter while John W. “Jack” Davis III is an active member. He also has another granddaughter Andrea and a son Vincent who are not members of the fire company.