Our Photographers and Videographers

   Michael Carroll has been an active Associate Member with the Clayton Fire Company since joining in 2005. His love for photography started in the early 1980's after purchasing his first camera. After taking several photography classes Mike began a career taking pictures for weddings, reunions and started his own photography business. Mike was the photography project leader for the New Beginnings 4-H Club for many years. Mike has been married to his wife Donna for over 25 years. he has two grown sons. Jason is a member of the Clayton Fire Company and is currently an active member of the Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown. David is a active Firefighter/NREMT with the Clayton Fire Company
   Kevin Wilson is a 43 year member of the Clayton Fire Company who has served as a fire line officer and was Chief of the company in 1998, and currently serves the department as secretary. His interest in photography extends to his employment with the State Fire Marshal's Office over 30 years ago. Kevin is a retired Delaware State Trooper and in currently employed as a judge in the State od Delaware Justice of  the Peace Court. Kevin is very active in several state and national fire service organizations. His passion is seeing the history of the fire service preserved for others and to inform the public of what we do. Kevin is married to the former Pam Hurd, has two daughters Alison and Ashley both members of the Clayton Fire Company and two granddaughters Alexis and Alyssa.
   Gene Shaner is a 36 year member of the Clayton Fire Company who has served a fire line officer and as a board member. My passion for photography started around 1980 when our daughters Mandi & Rose started doing things that needed to be documented…you know how kids are. I have traveled globally doing commercial photography for a leading optical company, shooting the sidelines of NFL games, the pits of NASCAR and inside the ropes of the PGA. Many of my photos have been used in optical magazines around the world and locally in books of the Delaware Bay crabbers by Jim Hanna. Some of the photos in our fire company files from the 80’s and early 90’s I took documenting our growth in Delaware. Gene and his wife Debbie will be celebrating their 32 anniversary in 2010.
   John Pridemore is a 21 year member of the Clayton Fire Company who has served as an administrative officer and Past President of the company in 2011. John is a past president of the Kent County Volunteer Firefighter's Association. John has served as President of the Clayton Fire Company and considers himself a novice photographer and videographer. John enjoys photography and video to capture and preserve the history of the Clayton Fire Company and our heritage and history within the Delaware Fire Service. John began his interest in photography to capture the special moments of his family lives and to capture his kids growing up. John is married to Kim Pridemore and they have 2 lovely children Amanda and Michael.


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  • Fri Jun, 21 2024 @ 11:32

    Nature: Structure Fire - Commerical/Industrial building
    Location: Rite Aid - Smyrna - Smyrna
    Address: 66 East Glenwood Ave

    City: , DE 00000

  • Fri Jun, 21 2024 @ 08:55

    Nature: Alarms - Commercial Structure
    Location: Point Of Hope - Smyrna
    Address: 4877 Wheatleys Pond Rd

    City: , DE 00000

  • Thu Jun, 20 2024 @ 18:44

    Nature: Structure Fire - Residential (Multiple)
    Location: Smyrna
    Address: 27 Panama St

    City: , DE 00000