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Sunday, April 13, 2014 
The Clayton Fire Company will be joining the other 60 volunteer fire departments in the State of Delaware for a statewide recruitment drive this Sunday April 13 from 12-4pm.  Members of the company will be on hand to answer questions and look around the station and hopefully spark the interest of members of our community to join and help their community back.  The community will also have the opportunity to see first hand how we are preparing for the future with the growth of our building,  For any questions or to get an application stop by on Sunday afternoon or contact Assistant Chief Alex Carrow.   

Sunday, April 13, 2014 
Company memebrs took part in the state wide recruitment drive on Sunday April 13 from noon until 4pm.  The company placed the apparatus on display along with information on how to become a member.  Memebrs were on hend to answer questions.  The company also had on display informtion on the construction that is on going at the station.  A special thank you to the memebrs who took time out of the day to take part and the public who attended the open house.

Rescue 45 and Engine 41-3 making a late night ice cream run.
   Rescue 45 and Engine 41-3 making a late
      night ice cream run.
Saturday, April 12, 2014 
Saturday evening from 5:00pm until Sunday morning at 7:00am Rescue 45 with a crew of 8 covered the Camden Wyoming first due while their members enjoyed their annual banquet.  While there the crews did not handle any calls but had a great time spending time with our brothers and sisters from Camden.  The crew consisted of Operator Joey O'Neal, Officer AC Alex Carrow, Firefighters Frank Sacco IV, Jake Davis, Will Kinsey, Connor Mahoney, Joey Rigney Jr, Joe Budd.  The crew would like to thank the members of Camden for their hospitality while they were there.

Friday, April 11, 2014 
Friday afternoon at 16:09 the station was dispatched for a small outside fire in the rear of 168 Preston Ln.  in the Village of Wheatleys Pond Dev.  Command 45 w/ AC Lucas, Brush 45 w/4, Capt. Harrington and Engine 45-4 w/7, AC Carrow arrived to find a small wodded area on fire.  Crews from both trucks placed their booster lines in service and made quick work of the fire.  Chief Lucas had the Preston Lane Command.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 16:43.  Clayton had 21 memebrs respond on the call.  Units responding Command 45, Brush 45, Engine 45-4, Sta 45 Fire Police.

Thursday, April 10, 2014 
The Officers and Members of the company are wishing Firefighter D.J. Rigney a speedy recovery.  DJ became ill a couple weeks ago and has been in the hospital since.  DJ is currently in the University of Penn Hosp. in Philadelphia.  The family is wishing no calls or visitors at this time.  But we ask that you please keep DJ and the Rigney family in your thoughts and prayers.  Get well soon DJ!!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014 
The company held it's first structural class of the training year Monday night at DSFS in Dover.  Members went over our engine company assignments and took turns in both the residential and commercial sides of the burn building. The company also had representatives from several companies demonstrating several thermal camera's for the members to try.  The company is looking to replace the thermal camera on Engine 45-4 which is old.  The officers would like to thank all the members that came out especially on a rainy night.  There were 25 members that attended the class.   A special thanks to the staff at the DSFS for their help with the class. Picture courtesy Paul Watts.

Saturday, April 5, 2014 
Saturday afternoon at 15:23 Sta 45 was dispatched on the first alarm for the engine and ladder to assist Kent County Md Sta 2 (Millington) on the large structure fire at 11571 Galena Rd Just north of Millington.  Quint 45 w/5, AC Lucas and Engine 45-4 w/8, DC Davis arrived to find KCMD units with numerous lines in service on a fire that ended up involving several barns, a trailer, several large vehicles and a large pile of hay on fire.  The fire went to a second alarm for manpower.  Crews from Q-45 and 45-4 assisted with fire attack and overhaul.  Engine 45-4 was used in a relay operation from a pond to the fire scene.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 19:15.  Clayton had 27 members respond to the call.  A special tanks to Engine 43 for covering our first due while we were committed on the call.  Companies responding were from Kent County Md, Queen Anne's County Md, Cecil County Md, Kent County De, New Castle County De.    

Ladder Companies staged at the scene
   Ladder Companies staged at the scene
Friday, April 4, 2014 
If you have not been by the station in the past week or so you have missed a lot of construction. Our contractors have braved the wind, cold, rain, and snow and they have accomplished quite a bit. Lots of block up, concrete poured, and the building is taking shape. If you get a chance ride by and take a look you will be surprised by the progress made.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 
Wednesday evening at at 20:10 Sta 45 and Tanker Co. Sta 44 were dispatched for the reported structure fire at 203 Heather Drive in the Kentbourne Development north of town.  Responding units were advised the caller was reporting a fire in his chimney.  Command 45 w/Chief Johnson arrived and reported a 2 story SFD.  The chief was followed closely by Engine 45-4 w/8 Capt Harrington, Quint 45 w/5, Capt Staats and Rescue 45 w/7, PC Lightcap.  Crews from all three units went about their various assignments of checking for extension, laddering the stucture, and set up ppv.  All checks came up negative.  Tanker 44 w/ Capt Pierson and Engine 44-3 w/AC Jarrell staged on Kent Dr.  Command placed the scene under control and returned Sta 44 units at 2037.   Chief Johnson had the Heather Drive Command.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 21:11.  Clayton had 33 members respond to the call,  Units responding Command 45, Engines 45-4, 44-3, Quint 45, Rescue 45, Tanker 44, Sta 45 & 44 Fire Police.   

Friday, March 28, 2014 
Friday afternoon at 12:03 Sta 45, Engine 26, Tanker Co. Sta 44, Sta 27 for the RIT and Air Unit, Amb 64 and KM6 were dispatched for the trailer fire 244 Black Stallion Rd. Command 45 with A/C Carrow reported heavy smoke while enroute adding Tanker Co. Sta 2 Millington due to no water supply in the area of the fire.  Command 45 arrived reported a 20' x 70' mobile home well involved with exposure to 2 propane tanks.  Engine 45-3 w/5, D/C Davis, Quint 45 w/6 FF Timmons and Rescue 45 w/5 FF Williams arrived at 1214 and placed 2 lines in service.  Tanker 44 w/ FF Marker and Engine 44-3 w/ FF James Morgan arrived and supplied 45-3.  Engine 26-2 w/4, DC Clark assisted with fire attack and overhaul along with the crew form 44-3.  Command placed the scene under control at 12:23 returning RIT 27, AIR 27, and Tanker 2. EMS units stood by on scene until being released by command.  The trailer was a total loss.  The fire is under investigation by the Delaware State Fire Marshal Office.  Assistant Chief Carrow had the Black Stallion Road Command.  Clayton had 32 members respond to the call.  Units responding; Command 45, Engines 45-3,44-3, 26-2, 27-5, Quint 45, Rescue 45, Tankers 44 & KCCM 2, D-64, KM6, FM 28 (Brode), Engine 43 covered Sta 45.

Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy from L15 & Lt. Edward J. Walsh from E33
   Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy from L15
      & Lt. Edward J. Walsh from E33
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 
The fire community is mourning the passing of two brother Boston firefighters who were killed in the line of duty today.  The fire occurred this afternoon in the Back Bay Section of the city and went to 9 Alarms.  Several firefighters became trapped in the basement of the fire building after loosing water.  A Mayday was called and after being removed from the fire 2 firefighters succumed to their injuries.  There were also 18 other fireifghters and police officers injuried during the fire.  Killed were Lt. Edward J. Walsh 43 a 9 year veteran who was Lt of Engine 33 also killed was Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy 33 a 6 year veteran who was with Ladder 15.  Both firefighters were from the same station that was located several blocks from the fire scene.   The officers and members of the company would like to send our deepest sympathy to both firefighters, their families and the Boston Fire Department.   

Monday, March 24, 2014 
Monday evening at 22:46 after just having placed the equipment back in service from the earlier training the station was alerted for the ladder, rescue and engine to assist Sta 51 Hartly with the trailer fire.  Units responding were advised when they went responding that the caller was reporting an electrical fire.  Prior to arrival units were advised that caller had called back and was now reporting fire showing.  At that time the fire was upgraded to a working alarm adding QAC Sta 6 for the RIT and the Tanker.  Quint 45 w/5, D/C Davis, Engine 45-3 w/7, A/C Lucas and Rescue 45 w/7, PC Lightcap arrived behind Engine 51-3 and Tanker 51 to find those crews with a couple handlines in service of a doublewide manufactored home with heavy fire in the attic area.  The crew from Quint 45 went to work hooking the ceilings while the crew from 45-3 threw ground ladders and assisted with exterior ops.  The crew from Rescue 45 stretched a 200' - 3" supply line that was gated down to a hose pack for the Bravo/Charlie area.  Crews were pulled from the structure when fire broke through the roof but later re-entered the structure to finsih extinquishing the remaining fire.  Command pulled the coverup friom Sta 51 into the scene for manpower later on into the fire.  Assistant Chief Morris had the 51 Command.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 01:34.  Clayton had 33 members respond on the call.  Sta 26 covered station 45 with an engine.  The state Fire Marshals Office is investigating.   Damage was extensive to the residence.  Units responding Command 51, Engines 51-3, 45-3, QAc 6-4, 56-1, Quint 45, Tele Squirt 51-7, Tankers 51, 56, QAC Sta 6, Rescues 45 & 51, Light & Air 51, B-51, KM5A, FM13 (Schad), Red Cross. Engine 26-3 covered sta 45. Pictures courtesy Hartly Vol. Fire Company  web site.

Monday, March 24, 2014 
On Monday evening the Citizen's Hose Company of Smyrna and the Clayton Fire Company conducted a training course on First Due Special Services Assignments that we currently use. The two companies are working together to standardize the duties and various equipment assignments so we work together better at alarms. This also gave each company a chance to familiarize theirself with other companies ladder company.  Towards the end of training Citizen's Hose was dispatched for a fire in an apartment building in the Sunnyside Development.  Quint 45 responded along with Ladder 44 and engine 44-3 from the training class. The crew from Quint 45 arrived behind 44 units and were assigned the exterior and to check the outside wall and roof area.  The fire was reported in a dryer on the upper floors.  Checks came up negative.  Chief Hankins had the 44 Command.  Clayton and Smyrna had about 50 memebrs attend the training class.  The company appreciates the memebrs form Smyrna coming over to train with us and work next to our brothers and sisters from Smyrna. 

Ray Johnson explains tonights training to both Clayton and Citizen's Hose
   Ray Johnson explains tonights training
      to both Clayton and Citizen's Hose
Ground lader training
   Ground lader training
Monday, March 24, 2014 
If you have passed by the station in the past few days you  have noticed quite a bit of work being completed on the addition and renovations. If you have not had the chance we are making great progress. Please pray for good weather so the contractor can get the blocked laid and the roof completed.

Sunday, March 16, 2014 
Working Saturday our contractor finished most the steel that will make up our new look. If you have not seen it drive by take a look. Our Contractor also has quite a bit of blocked laid at the front of the building. We are hoping that the weather begins to break and we can get a rythem going for construction. Thanks to everyone in the community who has suffered through East Street being closed off and on for a few weeks.

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