Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Following the December 2022 Company Meeting the company installed their 2023 Fire Line Officers and Administrative Officers.  The Fire Line Officers were installed by Past Chief/Past President and Past DVFA President Jim Cubbage while the Administrative Officers were installed by Past Chief/Past President and Past DVFA President Kevin Wilson.

2023 Fire Line Officers;

Fire Chief                    Austin Moorhead

Deputy Chief              Robert J. Lightcap Jr.

1st Asst. Chief           Alexander C. Carrow

2nd Asst. Chief         Kenneth Getty

Captain                     Brian Hunter

Lieutenant                Wayne Morris

Lieutenant                Timothy Conrad

Lieutenant                Jason Sacco

Crewleader               Gilbert McClements

Chief Engineer          Michael Thompson

Asst. Engineer          Roland Timmons

Asst. Engineer          Charles Kelchner

EMS Officer              Joel Talhammer

PIO                           Kevin L. Wilson

Fire Recorder           William R. Carrow II


2023 Admistrative Officers

President                    Cheryl Hurlock

Vice President            Rodney W. Whalen

Secretary                    Kenneth Virdin Jr.

Treasurer                    James L. Cubbage Jr.

Director                      Denys Demczak

Director                      William R. Carrow II

Director                      Julie Kelchner

Asst. Treasurer          W. Stephen Hudson

Personnel Officer       Pam Wilson

Asst. Personnel Officer     Ashley Carrow

Chaplain                     Rev. Richard Walton


2023 Fire Policeman

Alan Dutton                45-30

Noah Williams            45-31

Brian Johnson            45-32

Gary Everage             45-33

Chuck Kelchner          45-34

Joe Leslie                   45-35


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