Tuesday, April 12, 2022

During the April Company Meeting President Cheryl Hurlock and Deputy Chief Jeff Lightcap issued the Service Awards to this years receiptants.  Our Service Awards are a way of recognizing our members service to the department and community through the years.  Below is a list of this years Service Awards;

Years of Service

William C. Donavon Jr.     55 Years

William Timmons              50 Years

Gary A Faulkner               50 Years

Robert L. Lightcap           45 Years

Gary L. Everage              35 Years

Roland Timmons             30 Years

Donna L> Burnett           25 Years

Joel L. Tallhamer            20 Years

Cheryl C. Hurlock           15 Years

Jonathan W. Simmons   10 Years

Brian Hunter                     5 Years

James P. Masten             5 Years


Alarm Attendance Award

William R. Carrow II         7500 Alarms

Robert J. Lightcap           7000 Alarms

Gary A. Faulkner             5500 Alarms

Rodney W. Whalen         5500 Alarms

Robert J. Davis               4500 Alarms

James L. Cubbage Jr.    4000 Alarms

John M. Pridemore         4000 Alarms

Sarah Skinner                1000 Alarms

Brian Hunter                    500 Alarms

Gilbert McClements        500 Alarms


Views: 37

Views: 45

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Views: 10

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