Thursday, April 7, 2022

Today the station had some special treats dropped off by members of the Saint Polycarps Church.  The members of St Polycarps were stopping by local Police/Fire/EMS stations dropping off the treats to say thank you for our service to the community.  The Officers and Members of the Clayton Fire Co. would like to thank the members of St Polycarps Church for their kind donation.     

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  • Sun Jul, 3 2022 @ 23:34

    Nature: Structure Fire - High Life Hazard
    Location: Apt-Heron Run Apts - Huron Run Apts - Smyrna
    Address: 363 East Commerce St 202

    City: , DE 00000

  • Sun Jul, 3 2022 @ 19:59

    Nature: Withheld
    Location: Timber Mill - Smyrna
    Address: 265 Bryn Lane

    City: , DE 00000

  • Sun Jul, 3 2022 @ 10:48

    Nature: Withheld
    Location: Clayton
    Address: Council Dr and Pom Run Dr

    City: , DE 00000